Hands on a Hardbody - Used To Be Lyrics

Broadway musical (2013)
Hands on a Hardbody the Musical - Used To Be Lyrics

The song is written by Trey Anastasio and Amanda Green.

That sign up there says Nissan,
But where it's worn away,
You can still read Chevrolet.
Bought my 86' Camaro here.
I still miss that car today.
And over there where the Stop-N-Go sits
was the mom & pop with the slow cook bricks,
Sweet iced tea, refills free, and cups of joe and company.
There used to be a sign up saying "Glad You Came."
And every little town around was as different as its name.
Now everywhere you go, it all just looks the same.
Walmart, Walgreens, Wendy's, Applebee's
Starbucks, Stuckeys, BestBuy, Mickey D's
And that used to be the drive-in, where you tried to make some time
And that used to the pharmacy next to what used to be the 5-n-dime
They sold ices at the counter: lemon, cherry, grape, or lime
The corner store, the barber shop, the library
The drive-in, the mom & pop, the bakery
Now this town is just a collection of some old guy's memories
Just a ghost upon a ghost of all these used to be's
But if it looks the same every where you roam,
How do you know when you know when you've gotten home?
How do you know when you've gotten home?
One coffee cup, one Kmart brand,
Chicken nuggets served throughtout the land

The fresh bread smell from the bakery that used to fill my car.

The lights from the all night diner, shines like my true North star.
And all the thousand other little things that make us who we are.

Benny, JD, & Norma alternate:
Walmart, Driven-in, Walgreens, mom-n-pop, Wendy's, Garden John?,
Applebee's, Starbucks, the library, Sam's Club, Hollow Tree?,
Denny's, Honey Bee's Mickey D's,
Memories, only memories, of how we used to be

Walmart, Walgreens, Wendy's

[Thanks to Brad Carnes-Stine for lyrics]

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Hands on a Hardbody the Musical Lyrics

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