Honeymoon In Vegas - I Love Betsy Lyrics

Broadway production (2014)
Honeymoon In Vegas the Musical - I Love Betsy Lyrics

"I Love Betsy" is a song from Honeymoon In Vegas the musical performed by Rob McClure (Jack) and Ensemble.

I like taxis,
I like trains,
I like Brooklyn when it rains
but I love Betsy
I like walking after dark,
I like jogs in Prospect Park
but I love Betsy
I like Shake Shack,
I like MOMA,
and New Jersey’s ripe aroma
the parade’s when i see ‘em and even the DMV
and the Brooklyn bridge by bike
Heck, there’s lots of stuff I like
but I love Betsy and she loves me
she likes hockey, no I swear
she likes guys with thinning hair
and I love Betsy
she like pizza and Chinese
Louboutin’s and mac’n’cheese
God, I love Betsy
She like’s swimming,
writing letters
she likes watching double-headers
she drinks bourbon and sake
and even likes Rocky III
I’m amazed and I’m impressed
but the thing that I like best is I love Betsy
and she loves me five years
I’ve been in love with Betsy for five years
I can’t believe she stuck with me
what kind of luck have I got?
to keep someone like her around
ten years
my mom’s been dead already for ten years
so since she put that curse on me
no, there’s no curse,
its not a curse,
forget I said curse,
the point is its been long enough,
now its time to grow up,
mom’s in the ground,
and look what I’ve found
I like dancing on the pier,
I like Broadway, once a year
but I love Betsy
I like visits to the zoo,
I like opera, that’s not true
but I love Betsy
its been five years and I’m ready,
get the sparklers and confetti
give a wink to the waiter
and summon the maître d,
just like Jay-Z and Beyoncé,
I will make her my fiancé
I love Betsy
I love Betsy
I love Betsy
and Betsy loves me
I’m a schmuck and betsy loves me
doesn’t matter what I do,
I know its true
I could never live without her
Betsy loves me
its amazing,
Betsy loves me
and tonight I’m gunna show her
just how proud I am to know her
there’s no danger,
there’s no drama,
there’s no curse,
and there’s no mama
put my problems in the past
I’m a grown-up man at last
I’m the luckiest guy from the Bronx to the islands
so laugh if you wanna,
this whole town is gunna see,
that I love Betsy
sorry mama,
I love betsy
and she loves me

[Thanks to Chase for lyrics]

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I Love Betsy Honeymoon In Vegas Lyrics Rob McClure

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