In The Heights - Champagne Lyrics

2008 Broadway
In The Heights the Musical - Champagne Lyrics

Original song "Champagne" from the musical IN THE HEIGHTS is written by Lin-Manuel Miranda.

VANESSA: So I got you a present
I went downtown to get it
You doing anything tonight?

USNAVI: Cleaning

VANESSA: You're done for the day

USNAVI: No way

VANESSA: Cuz we got a date


VANESSA: Before you board that plane
I owe you a bottle of cold champagne


VANESSA: Yeah, cold champagne

USNAVI: Damn, the bottle's all sweaty and everything
You went and got this?

VANESSA: Pop the champagne

USNAVI: I don't know if we have coffee cups
Or plastic cups
I think Sonny has the cups-

VANESSA: Tonight we're drinking straight from the bottle


VANESSA: Daniela told me what you did for me
And it's honestly the sweetest thing anyone ever did for me
Now what can I say or do to possibly repay you for your kindness?

USNAVI: How do you get this gold shit off?

VANESSA: Usnavi!


VANESSA: Before we both leave town
Before the corner changes
And the signs are taken down
Let's walk around the neighborhood and say our goodbyes
Usnavi, are you alright?

USNAVI: I'm fine, I'm tryin'a open this champagne
See the twisty thing is broken
But I'm gonna open this damn champagne

VANESSA: Let me see it

USNAVI: No, I got it

VANESSA: Yo, Usnavi, drop the champagne

USNAVI: I mean you went to all this trouble to get us a little bubbly-

VANESSA: And it's gonna be okay

USNAVI: I'm sorry, it's been a long day

VANESSA: You oughta stay


VANESSA: You can use that money to fix this place

USNAVI: Ha ha, very funny

VANESSA: And it's not like Sonny's got role models-

USNAVI: Role models?

VANESSA: Stepping up to the plate

USNAVI: Yo, what are you talking about?

VANESSA: I'm just saying, I think your vacation can wait

USNAVI: Vacation? Vanessa, you're leaving too

VANESSA: I'm going down to West 4th Street
You can take the A

USNAVI: What are you trying to say?

VANESSA: You're leaving the country and we're never gonna see you again

USNAVI: What are you trying to say?

VANESSA: You get everyone addicted to your coffee and off you go

USNAVI: Vanessa, I don't know why you're mad at me

VANESSA: I wish I was mad.
(She kisses him) I'm just too late.

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2008 Broadway
In The Heights: the Musical Lyrics

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