In The Heights - Hundreds of Stories Lyrics

2008 Broadway
In The Heights the Musical - Hundreds of Stories Lyrics

Original song "Hundreds of Stories" from the musical In The Heights is written by Lin-Manuel Miranda.

USNAVI: Abuela

ABUELA CLAUDIA: Are you okay?

ABUELA CLAUDIA/USNAVI: Paciencia y fe! Paciencia y fe!

USNAVI: Let me see it again

ABUELA CLAUDIA: We kept it safe

USNAVI: So we survived the night, what happens today?

ABUELA CLAUDIA: A third for you

USNAVI: Uh huh uh huh. uh huh uh huh

ABUELA CLAUDIA: A third for me

USNAVI: No pare sigue sigue

ABUELA CLAUDIA: The rest for Sonny-
And with our share of the money
And with our share of the money-
Dream of the seaside air
See me beside you there
Think of the hundreds of stories we will share
You and I


ABUELA CLAUDIA: Now you can sell your store
Open a bar by the shore
I've told you hundreds of stories about home
Make some more


USNAVI: Yo! I know just where to go
There's a little beach named Playa Rincon
With no roads, you need a rowboat or motorbike
To reach this beach and it's a stone's throw from home
My folks' home
Before I was born
Before they passed on
And left me on my own, in New York, with the grocery store
They would talk about home I listened closely for the way they whispered to each other
'Bout the warmer winter weather
Inseparable, they even got sick together
But they never got better
Passed away that December
And left me with these memories like dyin embers
From a dream I can't remember
Ever since then it's like another day deeper in debt
With different dilemmas,
The bodega's a mess
I'll be seeing less of Vanessa
Abuela, I don't know how I can keep it together

ABUELA CLAUDIA: Remember the story of your name
It was engraved on a passing ship on the day your family came
You father said "Usnavi"
That's what we'll name the baby

USNAVI: It really said "US Navy," but hey
I worked with what they gave me okay

ABUELA CLAUDIA: They'd be so proud of you today

USNAVI: Then by the end of July

ABUELA CLAUDIA: Uh huh uh huh. Uh huh uh huh

USNAVI: Out where the sea meets the sky

ABUELA CLAUDIA: No pare sigue sigue!

USNAVI/ABUELA CLAUDIA: Think of the hundreds of stories we'll create
You and I

ABUELA CLAUDIA: Ay. We'll find your island-

USNAVI: My island sky

ABUELA CLAUDIA: Ay, find your island-

USNAVI: And whatever we do it's


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2008 Broadway
In The Heights: the Musical Lyrics

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