Into the Woods - A Very Nice Prince Lyrics

Into the Woods the Musical - A Very Nice Prince Lyrics

CINDERELLA: He's a very nice Prince.


CINDERELLA: And-. It's a very nice ball.


CINDERELLA: And-. When I entered they trumpeted.

BAKER'S WIFE: And-? The Prince-?

CINDERELLA: Oh, the Prince...

BAKER'S WIFE: Yes, the Prince!

CINDERELLA: Well, he's tall.

BAKER'S WIFE: Is that all?
Did you dance? Is he charming?
They say that he's charming.

CINDERELLA: We did nothing but dance.

BAKER'S WIFE: Yes-? And-?

CINDERELLA: And it made a nice change.

BAKER'S WIFE: No, the Prince!

CINDERELLA: Oh, the Prince...

BAKER'S WIFE: Yes, the Prince.

CINDERELLA: He has charm for a Prince, I guess...

BAKER'S WIFE: guess?

CINDERELLA: I don't meet a wide range.

BAKER'S WIFE: Did he bow? Was he cold and polite?

CINDERELLA: And it's all very strange.

Did he speak? Did he flirt?
Could you tell right away he was royalty?
Is he sensitive,
As kind as he's handsome,
As wise as he's rich,
Is he everything you've ever wanted?

CINDERELLA: Would I know?

BAKER'S WIFE: Well, I know.

But how can you know what you want
Till you get what you want
And you see if you like it?

BAKER'S WIFE: Would I know?

CINDERELLA: All I know is-

BAKER'S WIFE: I never wish-

CINDERELLA: What I want most of all-

BAKER'S WIFE: Just within reason.

CINDERELLA: Is to know what I want.

BAKER'S WIFE: When you know you can't have what you want,
Where's the profit in wishing?

BOTH: He's a very nice Prince...

BAKER'S WIFE: What I wouldn't give to be in your shoes.

Will you look over there, an enormous beanstalk
growing next to that little cottage.

BAKER'S WIFE: I mean slippers as pure as gold.

CINDERELLA: I must get home.

BAKER'S WIFE: I need you shoes.


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A Very Nice Prince Lyrics from Into the Woods

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