Let's Face It! - PLOT SYNOPSIS

1941 Broadway
Let's Face It! the Musical - SYNOPSIS PLOT

Three suspicious wives, Maggie Watson, Nancy Collister and Cornelia Pigeon invite three Army inductees to Maggie's summer house in Southampton on Long Island to make their husbands jealous. Jerry Walker is engaged to Winnie Potter, and, because he needs the money, agrees to the plot. The wives's philandering husbands leave on yet another camping trip. Winnie, hearing of Jerry's involvement, brings in two friends (who are actually girlfriends of the other two soldiers) to pretend to be interested in the older men. The husbands actually do go fishing. Winnie and her friends crash Maggie's party and the husbands unexpectedly return home.

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Let's Face It the Musical Plot Synopsis

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Ev'rything I Love
Ace in the Hole
Let's Not Talk About Love
Let's Talk About Love