The Last Session - Connected Lyrics

1997 Off-Broadway
The Last Session - Connected Lyrics

The song is written by Steve Schalchlin.

I saw a neon sign that said "Emergency"
I barely even know what happened next
collapsing in a doorway and then down the hall
Connected to a meter

We should all be connected to a meter

A very nice young man with three rings in each ear
Said "We don't lose that many patients in a year"
He rolled me to a lonely room
With a light beneath the bed
Connected to a bottle

We should all be connected to a bottle

And every night a one am
the angel of the night time
would wake me up and give me something good
and then give me something bad

All day long I'd channel surf
that's all that I could do
I couldn't read a book or walk around
You know you've hit the bottom when you're glad to be

Connected to a TV
We should all be connected to a TV

I dreamed I was on Happy Days
That I was playing Richie
With Potsie begging Richie not to die

Cause they'd never let Richie die

Friends would come around
and give me little things
And say how much they needed me to live

They told me I would make it
Cause they said we were
Connected to each other

We should all be connected to each other

Someday if I lose this fight to carry on
please send me someplace gently out to sea
Then listen as I whisper softly in your ear
Connected to each other

We will always be connected each other.

(Connected copyright 1996 by See No Evil/Lil Shack O Tunes)

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