The Last Session - The Group Lyrics

1997 Off-Broadway
The Last Session - The Group Lyrics

The song is written by Steve Schalchlin.

I heard of a group with others like me
who felt the way I feel
I felt sorry for myself like the only man on earth
and someone said a group would help me heal

So I dropped in on a Monday
where they all sat in a circle
and they told each other stories of the war

Some were old and some were young
but mostly they were young
and mostly I kept looking at the floor

Dave was only twenty and he said his life was over
and he asked if this was all the life he'd get

Bill was fifty, going blind, complaining of infections
which he got from tubes connected to his chest.

John at thirty had some spots
He didn't like to go outside
He said his mother hated him
That he was just a prisoner and he wished
he had the guts for suicide

Carrie was a Christian and a housewife and a mother
but she hated all her so-called Christian friends
Cuz they judged her and they told her
if she really loved her Jesus
He's have healed her cause
the blood of Christ will cleanse

She was very disappointed in the Lord
cuz she'd done everything from
speaking in tongues to laying on of hands
She said if this was celestial retribution
Then none of us stood any kind of chance

And the group just listened kind of in a trance

Maxie liked to party and she said she'd never stop it
After all this thing would kill no matter what
She said we looked pathetic and that
she would not stop living
til they threw her in a box and slammed it shut

Then she showed us all the track marks
on her arms and on her body
and invited us to join in later on
and then she staggered for a moment
and fell into her chair

and the group just listened helpless but to stare

And the sickest ones were scaring me
the youngest made me sad
and the ones who looked pathetic
just made me feel pathetic

There was one who seemed to know a lot
and one who had no clue
There was one who spoke of vitamins
who said we needed vitamins
and as they said what they were going through
I cried 'cause I was going through it too.

Jamie was a rocker and he wanted us to know
that he was straight and that he
never fucked with guys
Afraid his friend would call him gay
he kept it all a secret
but the stress was buried deeply in his eyes

And he ranted it's e-goddammed-nuff to
think I might be dying
must they judge me like I'm just some fucking queer
and then he looked around
and realized who he was talking to

But the group just listened
That's why there were here
And he was not the first to hate a queer

I finally took my turn and said,
"I guess I got it easy 'cause
all my friends and family really care
They call me and they take me
out to dinner and they tell me
if I ever needed them they'd soon be there

Suddenly it looked like they were dying in the desert
begging for some kind of comfort from the heat
and I had water
I was the only one with water
And I couldn't spare a drop of it to drink

I was glad when it was over
and I raced to get back home
and I felt a little better
and quite so alone

But how strange to be a member of a club
that nobody wants to be a member of
and for all the good it did
I still cannot recoup

From the time I finally visited
The Group

(The Group copyright 1996 by See No Evil/Lil Shack O Tunes)

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