Little Shop of Horrors - Da-Doo (Reprise) Lyrics

2019 Off-Broadway
Little Shop of Horrors the Musical - Da-Doo (Reprise) Lyrics

SCIENTIST: (spoken)
I've got a truck waiting outside and some pots.
If you don't mind,
We'll start taking cuttings right now. 
Imagine boy, Audrey IIs everywhere.
Why with the right advertising,
This could be bigger than hula hoops

SEYMOUR: (spoken)
Bigger than hula hoops?

AUDREY II: (spoken)
Much bigger

SEYMOUR: (spoken)
Every household in America.
Thousands of you eating!
That's what you had in mind all along, isn't it?

AUDREY II: (spoken)
No shit sherlock!

We're not talking about one hungry plant here
We're talking about world conquest!

AUDREY II: (spoken)
And I wanna thank ya'!

You're a monster and so am I!

AUDREY II: (spoken)
Feed me!

You ate the only thing I ever loved!

AUDREY II: (spoken)
Too bad!

Take that!
And that!
And that, and that, and that!

AUDREY II: (spoken)
Give up Krelborn

Never! Rat poison!
Here, eat that, eat it, eat it, eat it!

AUDREY II: (spoken)
Give up, small fry!

Maybe you're tough on the outside,
But in there, in that pod,
I'll hack you to bits!
I'll get you from the inside!
Open up, open up, open up!


(AUDREY II devours Seymour, then burps)

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