The Phantom of the Opera - Wandering Child.../ Bravo, Monsieur... Lyrics

London production 1986
The Phantom of the Opera the Musical - Wandering Child.../Bravo, Monsieur...  Lyrics

PHANTOM (very soft and enticing)
Wandering child
So lost, so helpless
Yearning for my guidance

Angel or father?
Friend or phantom?
Who is it there, staring?

PHANTOM (more and more hypnotic)
Have you forgotten your Angel?

Angel, oh, speak
What endless longings
Echo in this whisper

PHANTOM (now drawing CHRISTINE towards him)
Too long you've wandered in winter

RAOUL (to himself a murmur)
Once again, she is his

Far from my far-reaching gaze

Once again, she returns

CHRISTINE (increasingly mesmerized)
Wildly, my mind beats against you

You resist

Yet your/the soul

To the arms of her
?Angel, Angel or demon?

Angel of Music!
You/I denied me/you
Turning from true beauty

Still he calls her
Luring her back from the grave, Angel or dark seducer?
Who are you, strange Angel?

Angel of Music!
Do not shun me/My protector
Come to your strange Angel

PHANTOM (beckoning her)
I am your Angel of Music
Come to me: Angel of Music

RAOUL (suddenly calling out)
Angel of darkness! Cease this torment!

I am your Angel of Music
Come to me: Angel of Music

RAOUL (in desperation)
Christine! Christine, listen to me!
Whatever you may believe, this man
—this thing—is not your father!
(to the PHANTOM)
Let her go! For God's sake, let her go! Christine!

CHRISTINE (spoken)
Oh, Raoul

PHANTOM (spoken)
Bravo, monsieur, such spirited words!

RAOUL (spoken)
More tricks, monsieur?

PHANTOM (spoken)
Let's see, monsieur, how far you dare go!

RAOUL (spoken)
More deception! More violence!

CHRISTINE (spoken)
Raoul, no!

PHANTOM (spoken)
That's right, that's right, Monsieur! Keep walking this way!

You can't win her love by making her your prisoner!

CHRISTINE (spoken)

RAOUL (spoken)
No, stay back!

PHANTOM (spoken)
I'm here, I'm here, Monsieur: the angel of death!
Come on, come on, Monsieur! Don't stop, don't stop!

CHRISTINE (spoken)
Raoul! Come back...

PHANTOM (spoken)
Don't go! So be it! Now let it be war upon you both!

Here the sire may serve the dam
Here the master takes his meat!
Here the sacrificial lamb
Utters one despairing bleat!

Poor young maiden! For the thrill
On your tongue of stolen sweets
You will have to pay the bill
Tangled in the winding sheets!

Serve the meal and serve the maid!
Serve the master so that, when
Tables, plans and maids are laid
Don Juan triumphs once again!

(Signor Piangi, as Don Juan, emerges from behind the arch.
Meg, a gypsy dancer, pirouettes coquettishly for him.
He throws her a purse. She catches it and leaves)

Passarino, faithful friend
Once again, recite the plan

Your young guest believes I'm you
I, the master; you, the man

When you met, you wore my cloak
With my scarf, you hid your face
She believes she dines with me
In her master's borrowed place!
Furtively, we'll scoff and quaff
Stealing what, in truth, is mine
When it's late and modesty
Starts to mellow, with the wine

You come home! I use your voice
Slam the door like crack of doom!

I shall say, "Come, hide with me! Where, oh, where? Of course—my room!"

Poor thing hasn't got a chance!

Here's my hat, my cloak and sword
Conquest is assured
If I do not forget myself and laugh

(Don Juan puts on Passarino's cloak and goes into the curtained alcove where the bed awaits.
Although we do not yet know it,
The punjab lasso has done its work and Signor Piangi is no more.
When next we see Don Juan, it will be the Phantom.
Meanwhile, we hear Aminta (Christine) singing happily in the distance.)

CHRISTINE as Aminta (offstage, entering)
No thoughts within her head but thoughts of joy!
No dreams within her heart but dreams of love!

PASSARINO (onstage)

PHANTOM as Don Juan (behind the curtain)
Passarino—go away! For the trap is set and waits for its prey

(Passarino leaves. Christine (Aminta) enters.
She takes off her cloak and sits down.
Looks about her. No one. She starts on an apple.
The Phantom, disguised as Don Juan pretending to be Passarino, emerges.
He now wears Passarino's robe, the cowl of which hides his face.
His first words startle her.

PHANTOM as Don Juan
You have come here in pursuit of your deepest urge
In pursuit of that wish which till now has been silent

I have brought you
That our passions may fuse and merge
In your mind, you've already succumbed to me
Dropped all defenses, completely succumbed to me
Now you are here with me
No second thoughts, you've decided

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London production 1986
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