Prince of Broadway - Now You Know Lyrics

Broadway 2017
Prince of Broadway the Musical - Now You Know Lyrics

(From Merrily We Roll Along the Musical. Performed by Emily Skinner)

All right,
Now you know:
Life is crummy.
Well, now you know.

I mean, big surprise:
People love you and tell you lies.
Bricks can tumble from clear blue skies.
Put your dimple down,
Now you know.

Okay, there you go —
That’s the sum of it,
Now you know.

It’s called flowers wilt,
It’s called apples rot,
It’s called thieves get rich
And saints get shot,
It’s called god don’t answer prayers a lot,
Okay, now you know.

Okay, now you know,
Now forget it.
Don’t fall apart at the seams.
It’s called letting go your illusions,

And don’t confuse them with dreams.
If the going’s slow,
Don’t regret it
And don’t let’s go to extremes.

It’s called, what’s your choice?
It’s called, count to ten.
It’s called, burn your bridges,
Start again.
You should burn them every now and then
Or you’ll never grow!

Because now you grow.
That’s the killer is,
Now you grow.

All right, nothing’s fair,
And it’s all a plot,
And tomorrow doesn’t look too hot —
You better look at what you’ve got:

Over here, hello?

Okay, now you know.

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Now You Know Lyrics Prince of Broadway the Musical

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