Prince of Broadway - You've Got Possibilities Lyrics

Broadway 2017
Prince of Broadway the Musical - You've Got Possibilities Lyrics

(Song from It's a Bird...It's a Plane...It's Superman the Musical)

Hair cut - simply terrible.
Neck tie - the worst.
Bearing - just unbearable.

What to tackle first?
Still, you've got possibilities,
Though you're horribly square.
I see possibilities;
Underneath there's something there.

Collar - pure Peoria.
That hat - oh no!
I'm not Queen Victoria -
This suit has to go.
Still, you've got possibilities
Let us give it a try.
I see possibilities
Maybe more than meets the eye.

Don't back away.
Come on, unbend.
Why can't I be
Your little friend?

Baby, you're improvable.
It won't take long.
Mountains can be moveable
If the spirit's strong.

You've got possibilities
Takes a woman to tell.
I see possibilities.
Let me pry you from your shell.

Relax, sweetheart, I'm not going to bite you - yet.

You won't be shy
When I get through.
Come on and roar,
You, tiger, you!

Somewhere, way down deep in you
There's life, no doubt.
It's just been asleep in you.
Let me bring it out.
You've got possibilities,
Maybe even a lot.
Red hot possibilities -
Why be shy and ill at ease?
I see possibilities
You don't even know you've got.

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You've Got Possibilities Lyrics Prince of Broadway the Musical

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