Rags Parkland - Talkin' mars Dust Blues Lyrics

2018 Off-Broadway
Rags Parkland Sings the Songs of The Future the Musical - Talkin' mars Dust Blues Lyrics

The song is written by Andrew R. Butler.

Back in twenty-two forty-one
I had a little organ smugglin’ operation
Me and my girl, we lived underground
And hauled fake hearts in and out of town

We got the money,
We bought clothes and groceries and
Loved on each other the very best that we could

But the jig got busted
And the girl was a bot
So they hauled her away
and put me right into court
I swapped out prison for a stint on Mars
Doin’ hard labor with the convicts there
They flew me up in a bar car,
Sucker went light speed
Dropped me off in a big old Martian crater

I looked around and tried not to cry
And that red ol’ dust storm filled the sky
The other fellas there they was mostly full bots
Just guilty for living more likely than not
Course you know,
they’re pretty lucky to be livin’ at all...
They could’ve been spare parts, right?

I got a little house in the Asimov Crater
It was built for the folks who was comin’ in later
Went out everyday workin’ big machines
Turning red Mars rock into Earth-like things
Making heaven out of hell
That’s not bad for a bunch of convicts,
less- thans, not-quite-humans,
We built that planet

When the day was done I could walk around
Just up and down the lonesome town
Not a whole lot to do yet on Mars,
mostly just a bunch of robots, convicts
Everything lookin’ like photographs of the 19-50s.

They thought that idea’d go far
So they had us build replicas of early cars
And someone had to test ‘em so
I jumped aboard I got a Cadillac,
with big fins, two doors

I jumped into the driver’s seat,
And I drove down 42nd street,
In my Cadillac. How bout that?
That’s a good car to drive. On Mars.

Man alive, I’m a-tellin’ you
Comin’ down that crater she really flew
I felt like I could outrun the law
But there’s nowhere to go on Mars at all
Cause it’s a prison. Planet. Colony. Future Earth.
It’ll be your new address you just give it a minute

The work we done it’d leave us broke
So dadgum beat I thought I’d croak
And some folks did, got worked to death
But you wouldn’t of heard about their last breath
Cause they’re just spare parts, right?

Well I go home
And I go to sleep
And in my dreams
There’s electric sheep
But I’m a human
I think

Rags Parkland Sings the Songs of The Future the Musical Lyrics
Talkin' mars Dust Blues Lyrics Rags Parkland

Rags Parkland Sings the Songs of The Future Lyrics

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