Shucked - OK Lyrics

2023 Broadway
Shucked the Musical - OK Lyrics

Music and lyrics by Brandy Clark and Shane McAnally.

Hey, I'll be ok
First love never works out anyway
I swear I don't care
Sometimes i might look back, but I don't stare
There ain't no use in holdin' on
She already let me go
I'll get along, I'm movin' on
I'm just movin' kinda slow

No big deal, no, for real
Don't go and make a mountain of a hill
Yeah, I'm alright, don't I look like
I'm almost so happy I could cry?
There ain't no use in holdin' on
And livin' in the past
I always knew that she'd move on
I didn't know she'd move so fast

I never thought she'd give her heart
To anyone but me
No, I never thought a world apart
Is where I'd turn out to be
And I wanted to be happy
So I pretend to be
And if she should ever ask me
I'll just make believe

Cause hey, I'm ok
Fake 'til you make it, so they say
Even if my heart says there's no way
I'll be ok

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Shucked the Musical Lyrics

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