Vanara - Prayer To The Moon Lyrics

2021 West End
Vanara the Musical - Prayer To The Moon Lyrics

The song is written by Gianluca Cucchiara and Andrew James Whelan.

I cannot believe
He's of this world
For he's stolen breath and sleep from me
There's no freedom from these feelings I have
This fever won't let me be
Every sacred stone around this place
Is alive with shining crystal light
Yet they're nothing to the fire in his eyes
A flame that reclaims the night
He looks into my heart and he fills me with
A light of my own
A flame so bright it will burn away the life I know
So would I rather burn than live in the cold
Oh goddess moon hear my prayer
But if you bring him to my side
What future is ours
There'll be no blessing for us here
So do we run and hide together in fear
We'll die out there
We'll suffer if we stay
Spirits keep me strong
Or this fear will drive my courage away
I want this man with a passion
I can hardly bear
Whether or not he brings me death or delight
Oh goddess moon hear my prayer
Lift your bow take your aim
Does he wait does he run
Will he call out my name
Please shed your light on him now
Bring him here for I see
That someone somewhere
Meant him just for me

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Vanara the Musical Lyrics

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