2021 West End
Vanara the Musical - SYNOPSIS

Set centuries after a series of catastrophic climatic events, VANARA tells the story of the last remaining humans surviving beside the last remaining forest. They are the Kogallisk, a tribe led by Tonah their queen. Winter approaches, but this winter will bring a long night that threatens their very existence.
But before the long night begins,their sworn enemies the Pana, arrive demanding fire and water to accompany their migration south. Seeing themselves as the divine protectors of the fire, they refuse.

Ayla, the daughter of the queen and the Kogallisks’ future leader defies her mother in an effort to learn more about her enemy. But the Pana are not the monsters she’s been taught to believe they are. Mohr, a young member of the Pana brings Ayla to their camp where she learns they’re not so very different. Determined to share their fire with the Pana, Ayla consults The Oroznah, an aged mystic who lives in the forest. She tells Ayla the two tribes must reconcile and head south together. The forest is dying and the winter will bring nothing but death.

But peace is not welcomed after generations of trauma. The Kogallisk would prefer to stay and guard their fire even if it means a bloody battle.
Will they share the fire? Or will it consume them? Can Ayla convince her mother to forget what she’s been taught and see the humanity in her enemies? Or will they welcome the winter by waging war?

Review: Vanara the Musical Lyrics

Vanara the Musical Lyrics

How Do I Open His Eyes
Prayer To The Moon