Friendship Isn't What It Used to Be Lyrics VANITIES

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Vanities the Musical - Friendship Isn't What It Used to Be Lyrics

"Friendship Isn't What It Used to Be" is a song from Vanities the musical performed by Lauren Kennedy (Mary), Anneliese Van Der Pol (Kathy) and Sarah Stiles (Joanne).

Three pretty girls in a schoolyard,
Playin' games and makin' noise
You wouldd think they had been best friends forever
Talkin' algebra and boys

They were each of them after the big brass ring
So they swore they'd never be apart
And if it rang a little false...
Still, it was said with all their heart

Laughing, dancing,
Off on a spree!
Not that none of it meant a thing...
But friendship isn't what it used to be

Three college girls at the movies
Falling hard for Steve McQueen
You would think that they had so much in common
If you stumbled on the scene

Then you peel back the layers of teenage ties
And a lot of what they shared is gone
They left each other far behind
And never noticed they moved on

Life flows, time flies
People roam free
No one says it and nothing dies
But friendship isn't what it used to be

Once we were sure we'd go so far,
Joined like a single blazing star!
Goes to show...
Here we are...

Three women stuck at a crossroads,
At a loss to reconnect...
You would think them a mess of contradictions,
And for once you'd be correct

It's apparent that none of us made the grade
But at least not in the way we planned
But what has happened to our love
Is harder still to understand

Years race, lives change,
Makes sense to me...
Why the hell should it feel so strange?
All relationships rearranged!
And the fact is, some friends won't fade
Some... You don't see.

Guess you just call a spade a spade,
Make your peace with the choices made,
Swallow hard at the price you've paid...

And friendship...
Isn't what it used to be.

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Friendship Isn't What It Used to Be lyrics Vanities musical

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