Off-Broadway Show (2010)
Vanities the Musical - SYNOPSIS

Three best friends journey through high school,
college and their professional life,
as they remember all their adventures.
Joanne is a sweet, naive southern girl.
Mary is very confident. Kathy is the planner.
In high school, they are the popular cheerleaders
and are planning all the social events.
They go to college and plan to live together.
They end up all in the same sorority,
Kappa Kappa Gamma.
Joanne gets married and becomes extremely conservative.
Mary opens an art gallery and explores sexual liberation.
Kathy ends up living the high life in New York City
and reads all the books she was supposed to read in college,
"they are so much better than the cliff's notes."
They end up fighting when they meet
at Kathy's fabulous apartment in New York.
Joanne gets drunk in response
and talks about how she never has a break
from her kids and Ted never lets her drink.
However, at a funeral, they all make up
and they end as they started, three best friends.

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Synopsis from Vanities musical

Vanities the Musical Lyrics

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