Diana the Musical - If (Light The World) Lyrics

2021 Broadway
DIANA: A True Musical Story - If (Light The World) Lyrics

Performed by Jeanna de Waal

I offer my goodbyes
Without compromise
A princess moving on
Beyond the palace staffs
Beyond the photographs
A fairy tale come and gone

All I shall do again
Stand in a queue again
Here's to not making news
A mother full of pride
Her prince is by her side
Her life finally hers to choose

And I choose happiness
I choose a fresh new start
I choose whatever lies ahead

If I can carry on
Stay calm and simply breathe
If I devote my soul
To every child in need

The Queen bestows her grace
And places me in charge
To represent the crown
Ambassador at large
I'll be their English rose
Their pride is shining on
And I'll light the world
I'll light the world

But how does one begin
To shed her royal skin
Be better than before
She discards her past
All that she’s amassed
Set free she’ll do even more

I choose happiness
I choose a fresh new start
I choose whatever lies ahead

I’ll have another child
An answer to my prayers
Perhaps a baby girl
Or better yet a pair
If Charles steps aside
And lets my William reign
Then all the suffering
Will not have been in vain

My future’s my design
My story’s finally mine
And I’ll light the world
I’ll light the world

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