Diana the Musical - I Will Lyrics

2021 Broadway
DIANA the Musical - I Will Lyrics

Performed by Jeanna de Waal (Diana) and Roe Hartrampf (Prince Charles).

Don't give into your doubts
They'll find out who you are;
An unknown nervous girl - how did she get this far?

So push those nerves aside
Time to get a grip
Just hold your head up high, and pray that you don't trip

I will make him love me
I will prove that I can
And I will be all that they require
All that they require and demand

I will, I will
Try my very best
As I stumble in this dress
I will, I will
Represent the crown
No time now to let down
A bad time to let down
I will, I will...

How did you become this global fantasy?
No pressure, none at all, I'll plead insanity

I will make them love me
I will prove that I can
And I willbe more than is expected
More than is expected, here I stand

I will, I will
Rise above their fears, deserve their deafening cheers
I will, I will
Be all they've dreamt and more
Somehow better than before
I'll be better than before

CHARLES: (spoken)
I will...
I will... (overlapping) I will
I will...
I will...

DIANA: (spoken)
I will

I will!

[Thanks to Harman for lyrics]

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Diana the Musical I Will Lyrics

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