Diana the Musical - Snap, Click Lyrics

2021 Broadway
DIANA the Musical - Snap, Click Lyrics

Performed by Cast.

CAST: (spoken)
Excuse me, you're that new friend of the prince, ain't ya?
How's about a quick snap there, luv?

Snap, click, snap, click, give a smile
The prince will enjoy you, at least for a while

Snap, click, snap, click, Lady Di
Damn, I see why you caught Charlie's eye!

DIANA: (spoken)

Snap, click, snap, click, just one peek
You're the hottest one he's had all week!
Snap, click, snap, click, have a blast
God only knows how long you will last!
Snap, click!

DIANA: (spoken)
Thank you, that's enough now

Ain't nothin' like the hunt, ain't nothin' like the thrill
Find the right bird, then go in for the kill!
Better than a Guinness, better than a wank
Snatch a few pics, it's money in the bank!
Honеy, you are money in the bank!

Shе teaches kindergarten!
She really ain't that bright!
I hear she's still a virgin!

So Charlie's got it right!
Charlie's got it right!

DIANA: (spoken)
Please, sod off!

Snap, click, snap, click, ain't this rich?
The kindergarten teacher is also a bitch!
Come on, come on, just one go
Then we'll go away for an hour or so

Hey, why can't you see that we're your friends?
Baby, our love is real
We know that your aim is to be fuckin' famous
Well, honey, we are part of the deal!

Snap, click, snap, click, earn your pay
All you gotta do is all that we say!
Front page, front page, you're the lead
Another hundred pictures is all that we need!

We provide a public service
We do it every day
And if you think we're vultures
We dare you to look away!

Snap, click, snap, click!
Snap, click, snap, click!
Snap, click, snap, click!
Snap, click!

[Thanks to Harman for lyrics]

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Diana the Musical Snap Click Lyrics

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