A Toujours Lyrics

2015 Broadway revival
Gigi the Musical - A Toujours Lyrics

"A Toujours" is a song from Gigi the Musical performed by Liane.

A Toujours, A Toujours
Always say it each night at your door
A Toujours, A Toujours
Its the dearest goodnight that I know

Every lover's afraid and unsure
why oh why, can't we learn?
But at least when I hear 'A Toujours,'
Then I know you'll return

Gaston! My Darling!

A Toujours, A Toujours
Whisper softly each night at your door
A Toujours, Mon Amour
Until next time, but 'till evermore

Rrr, ahh...

Not 'till next time, but 'till evermore

[Thanks to Angeline for lyrics]

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