If You Knew Lyrics

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Lizzie Borden the Musical - If You Knew Lyrics

Always standing in your wake
With a secret of my own
Too afraid to share with you
So I come home alone
Each night and draw the curtain, shut the blind
How will you trust me with your secret when I don’t trust you with -

If you knew
Knew how I’ve been watching you
If you knew
Knew how I see everything you do
If you knew
Could I still touch you?
Would you let me comfort you if you knew?

The room is hot, the air is thick
And I can barely breathe tonight
Open the window, trim the wick
Oh, this cannot be right
For it seems to me a secret’s just a lie
And Lizzie, no-one knows the emptiness of lying more than -

If you knew
Knew that every night I dream of you
If you knew
Knew that in my dream I come to you
If you knew
Would you still touch me?
Would you tell me everything if you knew?

Together we’ll be safe
The truth will make it so
Just like my dream each night
For in my dream I know
That you are in my arms and everything is fine
Oh, Lizzie, take me to your hiding-place and I’ll take you to -

If you knew
Knew that in my heart I always knew
If you knew
Knew that every word I spoke was true
If you knew
i could protect you
Would you let me hold you close if you knew?

[Thanks to Penny for lyrics]

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If You Knew Lyrics from Lizzie Borden the musical