Hundred-Story City

A musical by Adam Gwon
Ordinary Days - Hundred-Story City Lyrics

What am I doing here
In the middle of freaking New York City
Blurting out proposals
And holding cabernets?

And what am I doing here with Claire
Trying to push our lives where she clearly doesn\'t want
Since she is gone?
And if we\'re moving nowhere
Should I move on?

I moved to the city
And I thought I couldn\'t take it
And certainly I never thought I\'d stay
But then she came along
And was the one thing in the city
That made me feel like I belonged here every single day

No matter where she\'d take me
Somehow she would always make me
Feel a part of some great tapestry the world had spun
I could always look at her and not feel so alone
But suddenly that\'s done- Isn\'t it?

\'Cause now I can\'t make heads or tails
Of what we have been doing
I thought stepping up and moving in
Would make things clear
The one thing in this city that I always thought was certain
Was that she and I were working hard to build a future here

And maybe I was careless
Maybe I should wear less of my heart upon my sleeves
And let her say goodbye
But I don\'t wanna start that now
I don\'t want to let go, \'cause she\'s the only reason why

I\'m living in this hundred story city
Where you\'ve got to hold tight to what you care for
She\'s why I\'m one out of a hundred million people
Sticking out the angry cars
The crowded streets, the lack of stars
Putting up with so much that\'s it\'s all a blur
And that\'s what I\'ve been doing
Just to be with her

So I don\'t understand what I\'m supposed to do

Why are

there so many people in my way?

People- hey, hello!

I don\'t wanna be the person who is

I don\'t understand these people

Why am I

Always standing still
I wish that I could make the people disappear

Except for her

No crowds

No multipliers

A flyer?

Some space

Some room to get through

I just want to see her

No walls no bikes no buildings
In my way

What am I doing in this hundred story city
Where you\'re always moving fast but going nowhere?
Oh I don\'t care if there\'s a hundred million people
I just want to be with one

I always told you, Claire
That there was nothing we wouldn\'t make it through
But you\'ve unearthed a break-up clause
Which is wanting to put life on pause
So, Jesus, Claire
What now?

[Thanks to Amanda for lyrics]

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Ordinary Days Lyrics Hundred Story City Lyrics