35MM - Mama, Let Me In Lyrics

2012 Music and lyrics by Ryan Scott Oliver
35MM: A Musical Exhibition - Mama, Let Me In Lyrics

Mama, let me in
Mama, let me in
Why you hate me
And call me sin? (Mama, why you call me)

Mama, don't shut me out
I am here
I am here
Mama, don't shut me out (Mama, don't shut me out)
Oh, don't you hear my bang and shout?
My bang and shout (My shout)
My bang (my bang) and shout!

Blessed be the baby
Who cries into the night
Blessed be the baby
Who ass black bar hold tight (hold tight)
We'll fight
Blessed he (blessed she)
Blessed me

Mama, bring me close
And Mama, let me in
And love the child
And love, love, love
The sin (love the sinner)
Love the sin

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Mama, Let Me In Lyrics 35mm A Musical Exhibition

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