35MM - Immaculate Deception Lyrics

2012 Music and lyrics by Ryan Scott Oliver
35MM: A Musical Exhibition - Immaculate Deception Lyrics

The whore
Goes like Garbo; she's
Done with her
Dirty Work
She slinks down to fix-
Splits the seam
Of her skirt
In this Waverly gutter
She's giving up tricks,
While a shutter is a flutter of clicks.

'Cause she looks just like Jesus
In the liquor-lit spot
With a tear and a tear in her side
And so I capture
The moment I caught
Giving frame, changing shame
To pride

Dances on the tracks
Ginger Rogers
Now with fur!
6 Train
Cuts into the dance
Ginger Rodent
All the bystanders stealing a peek at the gloom
While I'm reeling,
Swiftly kneeling to zoom.

'Cause it looks just like Jesus
In a poor bloody blot
With a crown like a raspberry stain
And so I capture
The moment I caught
Taking part, making art
From pain

Hallelujah, hallelu

Hallelujah, hallelu

Yeah, I'll call it "Jesus,"
And she'll sell for a lot
"Very meta."
"Very David LaChapelle."
Yeah, it's just a caption
On the capture I caught
Once a whore
Now much more-
Ah, well
Ah, well
Ah, well
Ah, well
Call it Christ
Ah, well
And it's priced
Bless the Lord!
To sell
Bless the Lord!
Bless the Lord!
Bless the Lord!
Faith restored-
Bless the Lord!
And I'll see you in Hell.

Hallelujah, hallelu
Hallelujah, hallelu
Hallelujah, hallelu
Halleujah, hallelu

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