Allegro - Come Home Lyrics

2009 Studio Recording Released
Allegro the Musical - Come Home Lyrics

The song is written by Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein II.

We are the friends that you left behind.

You need us, Joe.

And we need you,
We can bring happiness
And peace to your mind.

We want you, Joe.

We want you
To come,
Come home.

Come home, come home,
Where the brown birds fly
Through a pale blue sky
To a tall green tree,
There is no finer sight
For a man to see
Come home, Joe, come home!

Come home and lie
By a laughing spring,
Where the breezes sing
And caress your ear.
There is no sweeter sound
For a man to hear
Come home, Joe, come home.

You will find a world
Of honest friends who miss you,
You will shake the hands
Of men whose hands are strong,
And when all their wives
And kids run up and kiss you,
You will know
That you are back where you belong.

You’ll know you’re back
Where there’s work to do,
Where there’s love for you
For the love you give,
There is no better life
For a man to live
Come home, Joe, come home.
Come home, son, come home.

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