Allegro - So Far Lyrics

2009 Studio Recording Released
Allegro the Musical - So Far Lyrics

The song is written by Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein II.

No keepsakes have we
For days that are gone,
No fond recollections to look back upon,
No songs that we love,
No scene to recall
We have no traditions at all.

We have nothing to remember so far, so far.
So far, we haven’t walked by night
And shared the light of a star.

So far, your heart has never
fluttered so near, so near,
That my own heart alone could hear it.

We haven’t gone beyond the very beginning,
We’ve just begun to know how lucky we are,

So we have nothing to remember so far, so far
But now I’m face to face with you,
And now at last we’ve met
And now we can look forward to
The things we’ll never forget.

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