Allegiance - Ishi Kara Ishi Lyrics

Broadway production (2015)
Allegiance The Musical - Ishi Kara Ishi Lyrics

Keiko, always think of other
When you mommy die
You grow up so fast
Take care Sammy
Help with farm
Why you no go to dance
Have fun?
Do American boogie woogie?

That’s for kids,
No one wants to dance with an old maid

You crazy!
How you can be old maid
When I still so young?

Japanese say “Beppin-san”

[Kei, spoken]
A pretty lady

Should not sit home with old man on Saturday night

That’s not a proverb

No, but should be!
Listen to Ojii-chan:

Keiko look at page
Paper very bad
Now I look at Keiko
See how Keiko very sad
But paper also change
I fold it up this way

A paper flower blossom

Just like Kei!

Nothing blooms at Heart Mountain

You want bet?
Two dollar say, I make garden grow in hard ground

You’re on!

You gonna lose
You know why?

Let me guess:
Japanese say “Ishi kara ishi”

Mountain can be moved

Stone by stone

[Sam & Kei]
Ishi kara ishi
Yama wai do dekiru
Yashii ogawa wa ganima oreru

[Thanks to Amanda for lyrics]

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