Allegiance - I Oughta Go Lyrics

Broadway production (2015)
Allegiance The Musical - I Oughta Go Lyrics

"I Oughta Go" is a song from the musical 'Allegiance' performed by Katie Rose Clarke (Hannah) and Telly Leung (Sammy).

They told me the Japanese were quiet
Wouldn't put up a fuss

She probably likes to have the power over all of us

Been standing a minute here already he (she) is under my skin

I should just throw him out

I need an angle in

* break for lines *

Now we're standing far too close

He's certainly stubborn, have to give him that

I can wait this out all day

I won't be leaving til I get what I want

Why are we in here alone

What if she gets in trouble I'll feel bad
I should just be on my way

I oughta, I oughta, I oughta, I oughta
I oughta get (going)

I've gotta get back to work

Before I go

You gotta get out

Im gonna come back to see ya just so you know

There's something exasperating and I oughta tell him (her) so

He oughta

I don't wanna but I oughta

Guess I oughta

Just gotta

I oughta go

Spoken: Ugh, wait. Don't tell anyone.

Thank you.

Sung: She's not half bad

Whatd I just do

Oughta go

[Thanks to Haley Franke for lyrics]

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Telly Leung and Katie Rose Clarke I Oughta Go lyrics Allegiance musical

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