Bright Star - Whoa Mama Lyrics

Song from the Broadway Musical (2016)
Bright Star the musical - Whoa Mama Lyrics

Original song 'Whoa Mama' performed by Paul Alexander Nolan (Jimmy), Carmen Cusack (Alice) from the Broadway musical BRIGHT STAR.

Jimmy Ray:
You’re a young girl
And you oughta know better than to be here
What would everybody think?
Whoa mama
Better back up slowly
Make a quick getaway and hurry
On home whoa mama
At the rate you’re going
Your pop’ll get a shotgun have to run men off
They’ll hide in the shadows fall out of trees
Wait by your window whisper bless you when you sneeze
Someone will look at you just like this
Someone will ask you for a kiss you’re a smart girl make a fool of
I’m a smart guy and i know that it
Won’t be me

We’ll see.

Jimmy Ray:
Whoa mama
Take a second look
Before you set your
Sights on me
I’m a restless small town boy
With a heart as wild
As a big city
Someone will take your hand
Just like so just like so someone will never
Let you go let you go
Someone will put you on a
Someone will tell you you’re

I’m a young girl
And i wanna go dancing wanna dip and twirl with the handsomest
Boy in town
Somebody better comb their hair
And put a clean shirt on
Pick me up at eight
Somebody better take me there
Gonna have a lot of
Fun on our
Very first date
Someone will want for you
To walk her home someone will want a little time alone
Someone will waitas long as it takes for you

Jimmy Ray:
You’re a sweet girl
Wrap a man around your pinky
On your feet girl
Get goin’ ‘cause it won’t be me

Somebody’s gonna buzz around me
Like a fuzzy bumble bee

Jimmy Ray:
Whoa go slow mama you’re pretty as a daisy smell like a rose
Make a man crazy
But it won’t be me

[Thanks to Marybeth for lyrics]

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Whoa Mama lyrics from Bright Star musical

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