Bright Star - Bright Star Lyrics

Song from the Broadway Musical (2016)
Bright Star the musical - Bright Star Lyrics

Original song 'Bright Star' performed by A.J. Shively (Billy), Ensemble from the Broadway musical Bright Star.

I’m ready for my life to begin. 
I’m ready for it all to start.

My heart’s about to bust,
Don’t lead the way I must,
Follow my own bright star.

Many a long cold night. 
I huddled down in the dark.

I made a vow, if I ever made it out,
I’d follow my own bright star.

**Bright star,
Keep shining for me,
Shine on and see me through.
Bright star, keep shining for me,
And one day I’ll shine for you.**

You never know what life will bring. 
Only what you bring to life.

Hopes and dreams, and fine imaginings,
They happen in their own good time.

I’ve seen a weak man fight. 
I’ve seen a strong man cry.

I have learned, the brightest day in turn,
Into the darkest night.


There’s always a song to sing. 
A melody in the dark.

Lifts my spirits, every time I hear it. 
Comforts my aching heart.

(Bright star, bright day)
Keep shining for me!
(Bright lights, Bright day)
And see me through!
(Bright star, bright day)
Keep shining for me, I’m on my way!


[Thanks to Ken Milota for lyrics]

Bright Star song lyrics from Bright Star musical

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