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Bright Star the musical - Synopsis

Act I

In 1946, editor Alice Murphy greets the audience and tells them that, instead of overseeing other people's stories, she is going to tell her own ("If You Knew My Story Lyrics"). One year earlier, in the town of Hayes Creek, serviceman and aspiring writer Billy Cane returns home after serving in World War II. He reunites with his father and his childhood friend Margo before learning that his mother has died ("She's Gone Lyrics"). Several weeks later, Billy visits Margo and tells her he is going to submit his stories to The Asheville Southern Journal ("Bright Star Lyrics").

Upon arriving at the offices of the Journal, he finds himself rebuffed by employees Darryl and Lucy. However, Alice finds herself charmed by a brazen lie that Billy tells and considers accepting his stories. She later declines Lucy's invitation to a dance, but privately reflects on a time when she would have gone to a dance ("Way Back in the Day Lyrics").

Flashing back to 1923, a sixteen-year-old Alice flirts with Jimmy Ray Dobbs in her hometown of Zebulon, North Carolina ("Whoa, Mama Lyrics") When Alice returns home later that night, her parents reprimand her while pondering her unfortunate future. ("Firmer Hand/Do Right Lyrics") Meanwhile, Jimmy Ray returns home only to be lectured by his father, Mayor Josiah Hobbs, on what the future holds for him ("A Man's Gotta Do Lyrics").

In 1945, upon receiving encouragement from Alice in the form of a ten dollar check, Billy decides to settle down in Asheville and dedicate his time to writing. Margo reflects that she had other hopes for her future with Billy, but she decides to put her hopes aside and be supportive of his dreams. ("Asheville Lyrics")

In 1923, Alice and Jimmy Ray make their way to the riverbank and make love ("What Could Be Better Lyrics"). Sometime later, Alice goes to see the town physician after feeling ill only to learn she is pregnant. Josiah arranges for Alice to stay in a remote cabin for the duration of her pregnancy. She divides her time in isolation by knitting a sweater for the baby and talking about their child with Jimmy Ray when he visits ("I Can't Wait Lyrics").

Shortly after giving birth to a baby son, Alice and her parents learn that Josiah has secretly put the child up for adoption. Alice tries to make him change his mind, but loses the argument ("Please, Don't Take Him Lyrics"). Josiah departs with the baby in a valise and boards the train to Hayes Creek before throwing the valise into the river when no one is looking ("A Man's Gotta Do [Reprise]").

Act II

In 1924, Alice prepares to attend college in Chapel Hill and privately yearns to find her son. Meanwhile, in 1945, Margo talks with her friends about how she misses Billy ("Sun Is Gonna Shine Lyrics"). Back in 1924, Jimmy Ray tells an ailing Josiah that he is going to meet Alice in Chapel Hill. When Josiah confesses what happened to the baby, Jimmy Ray decides to stay with his father after realizing he can't possibly tell Alice the truth ("Heartbreaker Lyrics").

In 1946, Darryl and Lucy encounter a creatively frustrated Billy while sharing an after-work drink and try to cheer him up ("Another Round Lyrics"). The next day, Alice tells Billy that one of his stories is set to be published in the Journal. He confesses that he has been writing about Hayes Creek before inviting her to see where his stories take place. She agrees before departing for Raleigh to complete some unfinished business.

In Raleigh, Alice requests permission to look through adoption papers drafted during the period when her son would have been registered. After failing to find what she is looking for, Alice encounters Jimmy Ray and learns about Josiah's actions ("I Had a Vision Lyrics"). Back in Hayes Creek, Billy tells Margo that he's moving back home before realizing that she's the girl for him ("Always Will Lyrics").

In Zebulon, Alice reconciles with her father after he apologizes for allowing Josiah to take the baby away from her. Not wanting to continue his distress any longer, she tells him the child was adopted by a good family and is living a successful life. She makes her way to Hayes Creek and sees Billy's childhood home where she discovers the baby sweater she sent with her son, discovering that she is Billy's birth mother ("So Familiar Lyrics/ At Long Last Lyrics"). A few weeks later, everyone involved assembles in Asheville and gets a happy ending ("Finale Lyrics").

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Synopsis to Bright Star the musical

Bright Star the Musical Lyrics

If You Knew My Story
She's Gone
Bright Star
Way Back in the Day
Whoa Mama
Firmer Hand / Do Right
A Man's Gotta Do
What Could Be Better
I Can't Wait
Please, Don't Take Him
Sun's Gonna Shine
Another Round
I Had a Vision
Always Will
So Familiar
At Long Last