Carrie - Dreamer In Disguise (Reprise) Lyrics

2012 Off-Broadway revival Musical
Carrie the musical - Dreamer In Disguise (Reprise) Lyrics

Tommy: [spoken] Now it's time for that dance
Carrie: [spoken] Tommy

Tommy;[spoken] Now, come on!
Take my hand. No, no, no.
Don't look down, look in my eyes,
And forget about everything else. k

Tommy: [sung]
An eagle's just another bird until he can spread his wings.
A river is just a sheet of ice 'til winter turns to spring.

Carrie: [sung] And though the clouds may block the sun,
Don't mean that it's left the sky.

Tommy: Just when you think you've seen it all,
There's more to meets the eye.

Carrie: Like things I dream,

Tommy: And things I feel.

Carrie: There's more to me

Both: Than I reveal

Tommy: And cuz I shine in quiet ways,
I'm someone you don't recognize.

Both: I am a diamond in the rough,
a dreamer in disguise.

Sue:[spoken] I couldn't stay home,
I had to go to prom and see how it all worked out,
I needed to see.
Carrie looked so at ease. So happy.

Norma:[spoken] Well would ya get a load of them!?
Couldn't you just barf?!

Freida:[spoken] I can't believe Chris is missing this.

Norma:[spoken] Trust me, doll,

[Thanks to Kelli Player for lyrics]

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