Carrie - Open Your Heart Lyrics

2012 Off-Broadway revival musical
Carrie the Musical - Open Your Heart Lyrics

(Spoken on the radio)
Welcome, fellow travelers in the darkness!
Welcome, and fear no more!
This is the Reverend Mathew Bliss,
coming to you across the bless-ed airways
of WORT Radio (Open your heart)
Bringing you the true meaning of the Lord
(Let Jesus in) the land!

Open your heart
Let Jesus in
Open your heart
Let Jesus in
Lord, you have found me
A wonderin' in the darkness
Light my way with your true faith
And I'll sing with joy of my new faith

Jesus, possess me!
Sweet savior, be my sheapherd
Bless each endeavor
Till I finally join you forever

Ah, Carrie, there's my sweet girl

Lord, I will see choirs of saints and angels singing

Both (Chorus):
Fly me free of temptation
And the flames of Hell's devastation
Then He will take me
And wash me in the river
I will make celebration
In the joy of final (Joy!)
The might of final (Finally!)
The fire of final Salvation! (Let Jesus in)

Carrie: I love you, Momma
Margaret: I love you, Carrie

[Thanks to Dilly for lyrics]
[Thanks to Rene for corrections]

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Open Your Heart Lyrics from Carrie the musical

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