Carrie - I Remember How Those Boys Could Dance Lyrics

2012 Off-Broadway revival musical
Carrie the Musical - I Remember How Those Boys Could Dance Lyrics

Margaret: I don't know what you've been
dreaming about tonight Carrie.
You've hardly touched your dinner. Now have some pie.
Carrie: It makes me have pimples, Mama.
Margaret: Nonsense. As Peter says,
"The only beauty that matters is the precious light
that comes from within."

Mama, don't you think it's time I should try to get along?

Margaret: Whatever are you going on about Carrie?
Being different is the Lord's blessing

Mama people think I'm strange
all the kids have called me names

Margaret: Well then just don't listen to them.
It is written,
"He who hears My voice alone shall be saved."

Mama can't we stop and talk?
There's this boy named Tommy Ross.


I've been invited to the Prom.

Margaret: Prom?

I never dreamed that I could go
When he first asked and I said no
He asked me twice
He asked me twice

And so I finally told him yes
I thought if I could make my dress
I might look nice
I might look nice

I know I'm not like all the others
Sometimes I dream in colors
Sometimes I even think I'm lovely
Nobody feels the things that I do
Mama, please I'm just not like you
Maybe I'll find someone to love me

Carrie: Tommy's a very nice boy
And he'll have me home by midnight.
It's Saturday. I've accepted, Mama. I've accepted.

I remember how those boys could dance
Pressing close on Friday nights
They could sweep me away

Carrie: Mama?

Oh how those boys were demons of romance
In their cars we chased the lights
I know just how boys will behave

Carrie: Not this boy mama! He isn't like the others.
He's nice, you'll see, really you will.
Everyone isn't bad, Mama. Everything's not a sin.

Oh how your father whispered in my ear
First the kiss
And then the touch
Mixing lies with the truth

He would sigh
And try to draw me near
Oh he'd swear
He cared so much

That's what the boys do
They'll make promises
They will break your heart
Then they'll laugh at you
Watching you fall apart
Don't you think that I know
Don't you think this has happened before
It's the smell of the blood that will drive them mad
Chasing you like a whore

Carrie: No!

Don't you know their game?
Have you lost your mind
Can't you see Satan's passion has made you blind
And this boy's like the rest
And they're all like the serpents who crawl
You can beg all you want to but I recall

Oh, how your father came to me that night

That doesn't mean that the same thing will happen to me

With the smell of smoke and gin

Give me the chance and you'll see

With a lust in his eyes
And he took me and touched me
I tried to fight

Mama, please, listen
You don't hear a word that I've said

Satan gave your father sin

Sometimes I wish you were dead

And the sin never died

Carrie: Mama, please stop!
Margaret: You're not going
Carrie: I've already said that I would, I said yes.
Margaret: Then say no.
Tell him you changed your mind.
Carrie: Mama come back.
Margaret: The rain's coming in.
I have to close the windows.
Carrie: I'll get them!
Margaret: Ah! No! Witch!

I am not afraid of you at all
I have nothing left to lose
I have power I can use
Nothing you can say or do
Will ever stop me again

[Thanks to EVe for lyrics]
[Thanks to Rene, Jessica for corrections]

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I Remember How Those Boys Could Dance Lyrics from Carrie

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