Cry-Baby - Do That Again Lyrics

Song from musical "Cry-Baby" is written by David Javerbaum and Adam Schlesinger
Cry-Baby the Musical - Do That Again Lyrics

You make me shiver, make me quiver, make me shake in my shoes
I'm in a tizzy, feeling dizzy, like I drank too much booze
You put a strain on my brain, think I'm going insane
You got me howling like a dog that got locked out in the rain

Oh, baby, first you tear my heart up and you trample my soul
You know my mind is getting scrambled like an egg in a bowl
You got me reeling, got me squealing like a pig in a pen
You know I can't take it, baby. Do that again!

One look at you and I just can't calm my nerves
I must have missed the sign that said "Dangerous Curves"
Feeling weak, feeling faint, like I breathed too much paint
You're making all those other girls seem outdated and quaint

Oh, baby, now you got me begging, got me down on me knees
It's like you covered me with honey and then dunked me in bees
The pain I'm in is constant, it's not just now and then
You know I can't take it, baby. Do that again!

[Thanks to Kaylie Moffat for lyrics]

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Cry-Baby the Musical Lyrics

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