Cry-Baby - A Whole Lot Worse Lyrics

Song from musical "Cry-Baby" is written by David Javerbaum and Adam Schlesinger
Cry-Baby the Musical - A Whole Lot Worse Lyrics

(spoken) Honey, you wanna know about bad?

When I was a young girl
'Bout the age of one
I shot up my crib
With a BB gun
I never behaved
Never followed no rules
They kicked me out of my nursery school!

Every year for Mother's Day I'd steal my mother's purse
(She steals her mother's purse)
So if you wanna be bad
You're gonna have to do a whole lot worse

My whole life long
I've been called a disgrace
I can hold up a bank
Using only my face
I'm the nastiest creature
You ever did see
On Halloween I dress up as me!

One look my way could make an angry mob disperse
(Make that mob disperse)
So if you wanna be bad
You're gonna have to do a whole lot worse
(A whole lot worse)

You're so squeaky clean
You're so spic and span
You never litter
Or loiter
Or drink from a can!

So when you start bragging 'bout your wicked life
We're like switchblades laughing a butter knife

My body's a paradise
Of swivels and curves
Ever since I was twelve
I've been a magnet for perves
One day the Oscar Mayer man
Tried to cop a feel
I climbed up and stabbed him in his weinermobile!

I nearly turned that hotdog into a hearse
(A hotdog into a hearse)

So do you wanna be bad?
Or mean?
Or plain perverse?

(spoken) Yeah!

If you wanna be bad
You're gonna have to do a whole lot worse

It takes years to be bad
It ain't no passing fad
It takes commitment and time to master petty crime

So if you want your degree
In delinquency
You're gonna have to be...

A whole hell of a lot worse!

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A Whole Lot Worse Lyrics Cry-Baby the Musical

Cry-Baby the Musical Lyrics

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