Cry-Baby - Nobody Gets Me (Reprise) Lyrics

Song from musical "Cry-Baby" is written by David Javerbaum and Adam Schlesinger
Cry-Baby the Musical - Nobody Gets Me (Reprise) Lyrics

Nobody gets me
It isn't fair
They'll never get me
And they don't care

I'm just so sick and tired of being square!

I'm done with manners
I'm done with charm
I'm done with hearing
I'll come to harm

Everyone's so full of false alarm!

Since the day I was born they were telling me 'no'
I couldn't let loose or let anything show
They guarded my status, that status was quo
But this is the moment I let myself go!


That was really bad
I kinda liked it
Knowing they'd be mad
I kinda liked it
Whеn they screamed and ran
I kinda likеd it
It was mean but man- I really liked it!

Now there's only me, I really like it
Now I'm finally free!

ALLISON (Spoken):
Hey let me ask you something,
Who's stopping me from going to Turkey Point?

Have no fear, the coast is clear
Nobody can get me to spend one more second here

[Thanks to Jace for lyrics]

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Nobody Gets Me (Reprise) Lyrics Cry-Baby the Musical

Cry-Baby the Musical Lyrics

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