Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - SYNOPSIS

Broadway 2017
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory the Musical - SYNOPSIS

Act I

The play opens with Willy Wonka introducing himself, revealing that he's looking for an heir ("The Candy Man") to run his factory. Wonka disguises himself as the storeowner of a candy shop. Charlie tells him about Wonka's career ("Willy Wonka! Willy Wonka!") before leaving and going home. He and Grandpa Joe play a pretend game recalling how the latter became Wonka's security guard ("Charlie, You and I") before his mother comes home, giving Charlie an old notebook for homework. Charlie daydreams and scribbles a note for Wonka, folds it into a paper airplane and tossing out the window into the night ("A Letter From Charlie Bucket"). The next day before he goes to school, he finds out that Wonka has hidden five Golden Tickets inside five Wonka Bars and the people who find the tickets will win a tour of the factory.

Unfortunately, he could not get his normal birthday bar and had no chance at winning. Grandpa Joe said he would gladly pay for one, and Charlie is overjoyed. As he passes by the candy store on his way to school, he discovers the first ticket has been found by the "Bavarian Beefcake" Augustus Gloop ("More of Him to Love"). Charlie is sad that another chance is gone, but is soon interrupted with the 2nd Golden Ticket winner, a spoiled Russian girl named Veruca Salt ("When Veruca Says"). His dismay is magnified when the third ticket is found by wannabe celebrity Violet Beauregarde ("Queen of Pop") and the fourth ticket is found by techno terrorist Mike Teavee ("What Could Possibly Go Wrong"). With his hopes of winning dashed, he heads back home.

The fifth ticket has not been found. By the time, he gets his hands on another Wonka Bar. He opens it, but finds no Golden Ticket. He runs into his room with a broken heart. His mother, Mrs. Bucket and his other three grandparents sing about how Charlie's late father would've helped raise their son and for a better life ("If Your Father Were Here"). His mother sends him with money to buy some spare cabbages from the market, but he instead buys a Wonka Bar from local beggar-woman Mrs. Green. He opens it only to find a Golden Ticket inside. He runs home and decides that he wants to take his Grandpa Joe with him. After a few failed attempts to stand up, the two dance with joy ("Grandpa Joe/I've Got a Golden Ticket!"). The big day arrives, and the five winners stand outside the factory gates. Charlie and Grandpa Joe feel out of place out on the red carpet. Willy Wonka appears and ushers them into his factory ("It Must Be Believed to be Seen").

Act II

The five winners are seated in the lobby of Wonka's Factory to submit their golden tickets ("Strike That, Reverse It!"). Afterwards, the group enters the Chocolate Room, where everything is eatable and the children explore the candy-coated utopia ("Pure Imagination"). Despite Wonka's warnings, Augustus takes a drink from the molten chocolate river and falls in. He then meets a terrible demise as he is sucked up a chocolate pipe leading to the Fudge Room. Wonka's pint-sized workers, the Oompa Loompas come in, making no effort to rescue Augustus ("The Oompa Loompa Song/Auf Wiedersehen Augustus Gloop"). With Augustus out of the picture, Wonka is more concerned with bones getting in his toffee. The group is mortified, but he assures them that Augustus will be unharmed.

They continue into the Mixing Room. An enormous mixing cup mashes random ingredients together to make new flavors and inventions from furry lollypops and a glowing orb made from bananas and uranium dubbed "Liquid Sunshine." At Violet's request, he shows her a stick of gum, which is a three-course meal. Violet implusively pops it into her mouth and accidentally swallows the gum. The excess of juice in the gum causes her to swell up and turn into a blueberry. Wonka and the Oompa Loompas recall the story of how they met ("When Willy Met Oompa"), not paying attention to Violet's growing size. Violet then explodes in a shower of purple goo onto her father. Wonka is unconcerned and sends Mr. Beauregarde to the Juicing Room, assuring him and the group that she will be fine.

Wonka declares they must visit the ingredient storage corridors, but first they must traverse the maze of deadly traps. The door is so small Grandpa Joe can't fit, so they visit the Nut Room instead. They meet Jeremy, a worker squirrel who sorts the good nuts from the bad. They soon meet other squirrels and watch as they unshell bad nuts and toss them down the bad nut chute. Veruca demands a squirrel, but when Wonka rejects her offer, she leaves the safety area and onto the shelling platform. She is then seized by the squirrels and dubbed a "bad nut ("Veruca's Nutcracker Sweet"). Veruca is torn apart by the squirrels, horrifying the group. Wonka assures that the Oompa Loompas will be able to put her back together and Mr. Salt leaves to rescue his daughter.

Mike Teavee and Charlie board the S.S. Wonka and travel down a man-made river down 10,000 feet below ground level to the T Room. Wonka demonstrates Chocolate Television, which sends chocolate bars to TV screens. Mike's obsession with electronics overcomes him and, despite his mom and Wonka's protests, he teleports himself into a television set. He jumps from screen to screen until they pull him out, now as a doll-sized boy ("Vidiots"). Mrs. Teavee is relived now that her son won't be able to cause trouble anymore and leaves the factory satisfied.

Charlie is the only one left. Wonka leads him and Grandpa Joe to the Imagining room, where Wonka writes his ideas into a notebook. When Grandpa Joe asks about their lifetime supply of candy, Wonka replies by giving Charlie an Everlasting Gobstopper. Grandpa Joe is furious at Wonka giving his grandson a "measly Gobstopper," pushing Wonka's buttons as well. Charlie diffuses the situation, finding the Gobstopper to be an amazing present. Charlie breaks the rules and opens the notebook, only to be caught by Wonka. Wonka is not angry, and tells Charlie he has won and takes him for a ride in the Great Glass Elevator.

The two soar into the sky in the Great Glass Elevator, and Wonka tells Charlie that his grand prize is his chocolate factory ("The View From Here"). They land back at the factory and Wonka tells Charlie that his family is already in the factory. The two begin brainstorming new ideas and Charlie immediately begins his new life as Wonka's apprentice.

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