Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - More Of Him To Love Lyrics

Broadway 2017
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory the Musical - More Of Him To Love Lyrics

"More Of Him To Love" is a song performed by Kathy Fitzgerald (Mrs Gloop).

[Mrs Gloop:]
Oh when I was just a girl
I used to dream of a mate
Who would bring me lots of sweets
And put some sausage on my plate
Mr Gloop was quite a meal
But now he seems just like a crumb
'Cause it turns out the dessert was yet to come!

So we were wed and in mein magen
Something big began to bloom
And my liver und my kidney
Had to vacate to make room
Then the blessed day arrived
And out he rolled so round and sweet
And the first words that he uttered were-

[Augustus Gloop:]
Let's eat!

[Mrs Gloop:]
So mit strudel, he'd canoodle,
How he loved my pretzel pie
He ate the whole kit and kaboodle
And grew wide as well as high
Though his size is rather shocking
He's what I was traumen of
'Cause there is more, more, more of him to love

[Mrs Gloop, spoken:]
Go ahead Augustus, don't be shy.
Spill your guts!

[Augustus Gloop:]
Like mein mutter und mein vater
I enjoy a healthy meal
Yes my outside's soft und flabby,
But my inside's made of steel
We raise piggies in the backyard
And I eat them limb from limb

[Mrs Gloop:]
We don't leave our dachshunds all alone with him!

[Augustus Gloop:]
So this morning I was eating
When such hunger did attack
Und fifty Wonka bars were waiting
For a nice mid-breakfast snack
But the taste was kind of different,
Like a bratwurst three days old
So I spit it out and saw I had struck gold!

Now I'm the perfect ticket winner
For on chocolate I did teeth
I am excited but keep eating
'Cause I only stop to breathe
And a lifetime full of chocolate's
A gesundheit from above
And there'll be more, more, more of me to love

[Mrs Gloop, spoken:] Let's yodel!




[Thanks to Megan Livermore for lyrics]

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