Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - When Veruca Says Lyrics

Broadway 2017
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory the Musical - When Veruca Says Lyrics

"When Veruca Says" is a song performed by Emma Pfaeffle (Veruca) and Ben Crawford (Mr Salt).

[Mr Salt, spoken:]
As soon as Mr Wonka made his announcement,
my Veruca expressed a very keen interest in the contest.
She said:

[Veruca:] I want that ticket now!

[Mr Salt, spoken:] How could I possibly refuse?

[Mr Salt:]
When Veruca says
[Veruca:] More!
I buy another store
And when Veruca says
[Veruca:] Now!
The sweat forms on my brow
And when Veruca says
[Veruca:] Again!
No matter where or when
We better all count out to
[Veruca:] More, now, again!

When Veruca says
[Veruca:] Out!
There's no reasonable doubt
And when Veruca says
[Veruca:] Fetch!
There's no time to kvetch
And when Veruca says
[Veruca:] Obey!
You better find a way to make a ruble stretch for
[Veruca:] Out, fetch, obey!

Now, when she heard of Wonka's prize she started to attack
So I told my peanut shellers: here's a tougher nut to crack
You each a thousand Wonka bars, start shelling them at once
For when Veruca's happy its much better for her pappy

For fourty days and fourty nights the ladies tried to pick it
And always to the music of
[Veruca:] I want a golden ticket.
I want a golden ticket!

And then a worker stood and in her hand a panacea
A golden ticket on display
And what did sweet Veruca say?

[Veruca:] Daddy?
[Mr Salt:] Yes?
[Veruca:] Buy me North Korea!

When Veruca says
[Veruca:] Buy!
It's like a battle cry
For when Veruca says
[Veruca:] Mine!
Well, I've jelly for a spine
And if Veruca said
[Veruca:] Please!
I'd know it was a tease before a

[+Veruca:] More, now, out, mine, fetch, buy!
And when she finally falls asleep,
We'll pray and say Amen!
'Till tomorrow when it all begins

[Veruca:] Again!
[Mr Salt:] Again!

[Thanks to Megan Livermore for lyrics]

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