First Date the Musical - The Things I Never Said Lyrics

Broadway's Musical Comedy
First Date the Musical - The Things I Never Said Lyrics

It isn't easy to express
What I feel inside
But that shouldn't come
As a surprise to you

Haven't been the perfect mom
But please know that I tried
I did the best I could
and that's the best that I could do

Now facing a future that's uncertain
I cannot say what lies ahead

But I won't give up,
I'll face my fears, and fight back
year of uncried tears
And tell you all the things
I never said

All of the hours spent at work
Consumed with my career
I wouldn't blame you if you
thought I didn't care

Graduations that I missed
All the games I didn't cheer
I never told you then but how I
wanted to be there

As thoughts of the past run through my memory
The choices I've made, the life I've led

An office on the highest floor it meant so much
But you mean more
That's one of many things...

So much in my life I took for granted
Life tucking my children into bed

My world was always spinning fast
And in an instant year have passed
And here I sit with so much left unsaid

I've always lived a world apart
But through it all you were my heart
That's one of many things of oh... so many things
... I never said

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The Things I Never Said lyrics First Date,
The Things I Never Said First Date lyrics Sara Chase & Zachary Levi

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