FALSETTOS - Making a Home Lyrics

2016 Broadway revival
Falsettos the Musical - Making a Home Lyrics

“Making a Home” is a song performed by Brandon Uranowitz (Mendel), Anthony Rosenthal (Jason), Stephanie J. Block (Trina), Andrew Rannells (Whizzer) from the musical FALSETTOS and is written by William Finn and James Lapine.

Welcome to our humble place,
We're concerned with setting a tone,
With filling the space,
Making a home.

MENDEL: She becomes a happy wife.

TRINA: He decides the role to assume,
Building a life.

MENDEL: Painting a room.

BOTH: What it needs is people,
Men and women talking,
Men and women thinking out loud,
'How far to go?'

Visit when you please,
You are not required to phone.
We'll buy the cheese.
God bless our home.

TRINA: Books abound,
To show we care.
An easy chair,
With paintings all around.
The perfect shade of green by the door.

Food displayed
In fancy wire.
A hearth and fire
Will keep us at our best.
We will not be depressed anymore,

MENDEL: (overlapping) Anymore.

BOTH: Afternoons are awfully nice.
After afternoons, we deceive.

WHIZZER: Deceive.

MENDEL & TRINA: This is the price,

WHIZZER: This is the price,

MENDEL, TRINA, & WHIZZER: Making believe.

What it needs is people,
Men and women talking,
Men and women thinking out loud,

TRINA: 'Should he love me?'

MENDEL: (overlapping) 'Should she love me?'

WHIZZER: (overlapping) 'Should he love me?'

MENDEL & TRINA: Yes, we love the bed.
Yes, we love to fight the unknown.

TRINA: Baking the bread.

MENDEL: Sharpening knives.

Forging ahead,
Taking our lives,
Making a home.
Making a home.

MENDEL & TRINA: Making a home.

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Making a Home Lyrics from Falsettos musical


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