FALSETTOS - Love is Blind Lyrics

2016 Broadway revival
Falsettos the Musical - Love is Blind Lyrics

“Love is Blind” is a song performed by Christian Borle (Marvin), Anthony Rosenthal (Jason), Andrew Rannells (Whizzer), Brandon Uranowitz (Mendel), Stephanie J. Block (Trina) from the musical FALSETTOS and is written by William Finn and James Lapine.

Sit down, my dear
I hear you have a problem
I'm sure you're not disgusting or indiscreet
Take a load off your feet-

Love is a mess
So's my son, expressly to hurt me
Marvin, my ex-
You've seen him for years-
Told me over the phone to tell you my fears
Do you only treat queers?

Breathe deep, my dear
You'll find me understanding
Your pain is a priori
Unfold you untold story
Now to break bread
Loosen your glands
Put your head in my hands

I'm everything he wanted
It's time I put it all together
The date was set
My father let my marry
I married. I?
Then Marvin came from work
Sat me down on the bed
He told me how he loved me
How needed, that thought valued me
I have?


MARVIN: (as Trina mouths this) Syphilis

TRINA: He said


TRINA: I have


MARVIN: (Trina mouths) Syphilis

TRINA: It's true


TRINA: I had something rotten
Which appears thought now it's well forgo, an?

MARVIN: Maybe, darling, so do you

TRINA: Maybe, darling, so do you

TRINA: (to Marvin) I am probably diseased

MENDEL: You're a lovely girl

TRINA: (to Marvin) And so easily appeased

MENDEL: What a lovely girl, though she's probably diseased

TRINA: He took pains to not excited us
He explains I've?

MARVIN: Hepatitis


MARVIN, JASON, AND WHIZZER: Hepa hepa hepatitis hepatitis hepatitis

MENDEL: Love is blind
Love can tell a million stories
Love's unkind
Spiteful in a million ways

TRINA: Then I stayed home from work
Took good care of my men
They faked despair, they wet their bed,
They combed their hair, they acted dead
One said?


JASON: Daddy is a prick


TRINA: He said?


JASON: Daddy isn't mine


TRINA: He filled my coats
With candies and notes, with 'Will you be my valentine'?

MARVIN: (To Whizzer) Will you be my valentine?

TRINA: This gets harder to believe

MENDEL: You're a damaged girl

TRINA: I've a scalpel up my sleeve

ALL: What a damaged girl

MENDEL: Do not ever slit your wrists

TRINA: I've missed him; he's still missing
Don't make noise, but daddy's kissing boys

ALL: Petty, petty, petty, petty

MENDEL AND TRINA: Love is blind
Love can tell a million stories
Love's unkind
Spiteful in a million ways

ALL: Love is blind
Love can tell a million stories
Love's unkind
Spiteful in a million ways

Love is crazy/ Love-
Love is often boring
Love stinks/ Love-
Love is pretty often debris
When you find/ Love-
What you find
Then never, never, never, never, never/ Love-
Do it over again

Love reads like a bad biography/ Love-
All the names are changed to protect the innocent/ Love-

ALL: Love is blind

MENDEL: My name is Mendel
I treat her husband
I think she's very insecure
But so am I
I've never married
Work, work is my passion
Or perhaps that's an alibi

(speak) I don't care to discuss it.

(sing) I think she's charming
I think she's eager
That's unprofessional and mean
But still it's true

ALL: His name is Mendel


MENDEL: Return next Friday I admit I admire you

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Love is Blind Lyrics from Falsettos musical


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