FALSETTOS - Miracle of Judaism Lyrics

2016 Broadway revival
Falsettos the Musical - Miracle of Judaism Lyrics

“Miracle of Judaism” is a song performed by the Company from the musical FALSETTOS and is written by William Finn and James Lapine.

Dot Nardoni, Tiffany Axelrod,
Zoe Feinstein, Angelina Dellibovi,
Bunny Doyne, or what's her name'
Mo Cristofaro, Heather Levin,
Brittany Rosenthal, which'
Flo Giu... Giu... what is the name of that bitch'
Flo Giuseppe, right, but it borders on kitsch.

Of these girls,
Which should I invite to my bar mitzvah'
I've a problem to flaunt:
I don't want the girls I should want.

(His family cheers him on at the baseball game)

I want girls for whom I lust,
Girls who wear a lot of makeup,
Girls who smoke and show their bust,
Girls with whom I always wake up-

(Jason misses the ball,
the guy says 'strike one!', his family is sad)

Would they come though,
If they were invited,
And not laugh
At my hebrew
And not laugh
At my father and his friends'

(Jason misses the ball again,
the guy says 'strike two!', his family is sad again)

Excluding them, I find exciting.
And I'm left with them, I'll be inviting.
Selecting girls for one's bar mitzvah.
God, that's the miracle of Judaism.

(Jason freaking misses the ball again,
the guy says 'strike three, you're out!')

That'd be the miracle of Judaism.

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Miracle of Judaism Lyrics from Falsettos musical


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