Freaky Friday - Not Myself Today Lyrics

A new musical based on the classic Mary Rodgers novel and the hit Disney films
FREAKY FRIDAY the Musical - Not Myself Today Lyrics

I was ready to be grown-up
Just waiting for the day
Now I am but freaking
Does Lori feel this way?
See, they think that I have answers
They look to me to guide
They see this strong, bold woman
But there's a little boy inside

I'm not myself today
I'm me in a funny way
I'm not the thing they think they see
This alpha-mommy, she's not me
They want a woman I can't be
And words that I can't say
I'm not the grown-up I thought I was
I'm not myself today

I had no idea a child
Could feel so damn dismissed
They smile and call me 'kiddo'
Does Lincoln feel like this?
See, if only they would listen,
I could get the search on track
But when they hear me talking
They just think I'm talking back
I'm not myself tonight
And more than me's not right
'Cause the twins are lost and so am I
It's not that often by-the-by
I wish I were a six-foot-guy
But I want to win this fight
I'm not the grown-up I need to be
I'm not myself tonight

If I had a kid, and the kid ran away
I'd hunt her down and kill her
My God!
What a thing to say
If I had a kid, and the kid ran away
I would find her, I would hold her
And then I'd kill her, ok?!
I'm sorry!
I'm not myself today

Lincoln: Are you ok?
Lori: Are you ok?
Lincoln: I'm not ok

Lori: What a day
Lincoln: Even with all of this messed up between us,
I thought I would do better
Lori: I thought I'd know the way
Lincoln: I mean, even as you, I'm a mess of a person
Can't get my crap together
Lori: I'm also a mess, I'd say

Lincoln: I'm not myself today
Lori: I'm not myself today
Lincoln: I'm not myself today
Lori: I'm not myself
Both: I'm not myself today!

Lori and Lincoln: When there's nothing left to say...
Lori: I'm not the grown-up I thought I was!
Lincoln: I'm not the grown-up I wished I'd be!
Both: I'm not myself today...
I'm not myself...

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Not Myself Today lyrics from Freaky Friday the Musical

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