Freaky Friday - Oh, Biology Lyrics

A new musical based on the classic Mary Rodgers novel and the hit Disney films
FREAKY FRIDAY the Musical - Oh, Biology Lyrics

I'm ace at all anatomies and master of dissection
An expert chef who wields an expert knife
But still, I sense a gremlin in the system of perfection
They’re clearly are still mysteries to life
Its kingdom, phylum, class, and then
It's order, family, genus
It all comes back to me like child's play
When he leans over my shoulder
There in all his long and leanness
And cuts my heart of knowledge clean away
I try to keep a focused mind and steady hand
Students: (Ooh, keep focused, ooh, keep steady)
But the rhythm of my heart is like a country western band
Students: (Oh, oh, oh, oh)

Oh, biology!
What have you done to me?
Why can't my grown-up brain control my teenage parts?
Oh, biology!
Why won't you let me be?
Why can't you be humane and still our beating hearts?
Before the cutting starts

"Shyeah. Ellie, check it. Hahaha, man!"
He's inert and inarticulate
A specimen of truant
And though we're both sixteen, he's much to young
Students: (Much too young)
My amygdala is fully formed, my frontal lobe is fluent
And pheromones go fluxing with my tongue
That's totes amaze,
I'm way impressed, like, sweet technique
Students: (Holy cow!)
I’m, like totally, um, thanks,
Good lord, now can I even speak?

Oh, biology!
What have you done to me?
My over forty soul is in a teen cliché
Oh, biology!
Why won't you set me free?
'Cause I'm not in control and hunger has its say
Students: (Hunger has its say)
And hormones have their way
"Focus, Blake. Focus."

Hey, take a look at Ellie Blake
She does this lab work great
For Kermit there, he had no chance
That girl is on my nerves today,
I better set her straight
It's fun to make a dead frog dance!
I never knew that Ellie Blake was such a science wiz
She's smart, of course, so it makes since
But something's up with her today,
I'm not sure what it is
She's like on fire, she's so intense!
He's so intense!
Students: It's so intense!
And I'm so dense!

All: Oh, biology!
Look what you've done to me!
My heart is in a pan, my brain is out to sea
Oh, biology!
Why won't you let me be?
Please help me if you can, please hear my painful plea
...please set me free

[Thanks to Corey for corrections]

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