Freaky Friday - Somebody Has Got to Take the Blame Lyrics

A new musical based on the classic Mary Rodgers novel and the hit Disney films
FREAKY FRIDAY the Musical - Somebody Has Got to Take the Blame Lyrics

I infantilize my daughter
I'm controlling, I'm a pill
I micro micromanage
I'm all up in her grill
"It's called parenting"
I demand that she be perfect
All that pressure, all that fuss
I'm a parenting disaster
Don't you think so?
Let's discuss
Forgive my darling mother and forget each thing she said
Put the blame where it belongs now
Squarely on my head
I'm reckless and I'm feckless
I go and get tattoos
I think it's called a tramp stamp
I can show you if you choose
"No no no no no!
At least she doesn't smoke like me! I smoke!"
My faults are much too numerous to name
It's awful to admit, but that's the game
Ellie: Somebody has got to take...
Katherine: Somebody has got to take...
Both: Somebody has got to take the blame!
It's a single-parent family
So you both are filled with rage
Mr. Wilson: Her development arrested at the pre-preverbal stage
Dr. Aaron: Or it could be ADHD, ADD or STDs
I suggest that you try ritalin and yoga and soy cheese
"Soy cheese?,"
"This is asinine,"
She's functionally unpunctual, she's robbed us and she's rude
Excuse me, es me hee-haw, so par-dar, la attitude!
Ms. Perkins: She's intelligent
"Ya hear that?,"
Dr. Aaron: But unfocused, barely there
Mr. Wilson: I think she smokes the con job
"She does not!"
"I don't?"
"I swear!"
Dr. Aaron: She's wasting her potential just the same
Katherine: It's not her fault if she's too bright to tame
All: But somebody has got to take...
Somebody has got to take...
Somebody has got to take the- -
Enough with all the blaming and the shaming!
"No, you hush."
The armchair, analyzing and the psycho babble mush
I'm a teacher, I should reach her
So the failure here is mine
She's bright and she's articulate
Her heart and mind are fine
In all this finger-pointing, this crusade...
No one thought to check her file
To see she struggled for a while
Since the seventh grade
"The year dad passed away."
"Just say died," Katherine rolled her eyes.
"He died."
Oh Honey, I've been thoughtless and for years
I never thought your anger stood for tears
It's clear to me I have to take the- -
Listen, do we have to do this now?
I'd rather not discuss it, anyhow
Is high school counselor BS all the same?
'Cause nobody has got to take the blame
"Let's wrap this up."
"Dr. Aaron, I appreciate all the feedback.
From now on, I'm going to be really good."
Mr. Wilson: But somebody has got to take the blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaame!
"Oh, can it, Kevin!"

[Thanks to Zimari for corrections]

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