Flying Over Sunset Lyrics

2021 Broadway
Flying Over Sunset the Musical - Flying Over Sunset Lyrics

The song is written by Tom Kitt and Michael Korie. Performed by Carmen Cusack (Clare), Robert Sella (Gerald), Kanisha Marie Feliciano (Ann), Austin.

How I miss the shores of California
Strolling on the soft white sand
Sliding off my bra
Pantiless in la la land
Writing jokes at Paramount for movies
Typing with a broken ‘y’
Jasmine in the breeze
Reaching for the car keys

Flying over sunset
Crossing Hollywood and Vine
Flying over sunset
Past the Hollywood land sign

Riding with the top down
Eyeing all the tan young men
I could’ve had my choice of any then
And I’m flying over sunset young again

Where are we? What town is this?
I can’t make out the view
Greenwich? Rome? Jakarta? or Malibu?

Life is lived in multiple dimensions / Multiple dimensions
Yesterday tomorrow now / Yesterday tomorrow now
Past and future merge prior lives converge in doubt
Speeding to Laguna through the canyons
All at once I’m in the sky
High above the trees
Rolling hills and valleys

Flying over sunset
By the mansions of Bel Air
Beverly and Brentwood as the wind is in my hair
Gleaming in the distance
I can suddenly behold
So much more immense than I’d been told
The Pacific in the sunset
Bright with gold

Where’s my bag?
Who’s car is this?
Did Henry lose the keys?
I can’t drive a stick shift
The Bentley please

I should like to fly in California / Fly in California
Diving from a silver plane  / Diving from a silver plane
Gliding through the clouds
Showering the sea like rain / In the glow of the ocean
Wading in the whitecaps of Topanga / Of Topanga canyon
Naked in surging tide / Surging tide
Water laps my thighs / Laps my thighs
Washing up inside me

Flying over sunset
To a place you wouldn’t dare / Shouldn’t dare / Be careful
Flying over sunset
Like a painting in the air
Breaking through to safety
To a place of no return
No where else to grow until you learn
How to fly / Navigate the air space
Of a world beyond your view
Constantly exploring for the reason why you’re you
Flying out of body
To experience the mind
Love’s the one thing I won’t leave behind
Through a transcendental portal
Where a moment feels immortal
We’ll go flying over sunset
Flying over sunset
Flying over sunset
Flying over sunset
Just don’t fall

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Flying Over Sunset Lyrics

Flying Over Sunset the Musical Lyrics

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